The Cabin

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The Cabin is an independent horror feature produced by Coast Art Productions and Kw Studios

High Octane Pictures will bring The Cabin, the debut feature for Johan Bodell, to VOD and DVD.

The Cabin is now available in North America on most VOD-platforms.



A young American couple, Rose (Caitlin Crommett) and Harry (Christopher Lee Page) are on their way to visit Harrys family cabin. Both as a nostalgic vacation and as a way to rekindle their relationship.

But they’re not the only one that decided to visit the cabin this weekend...
The vacation is quickly turned into a living nightmare for Rose and Harry as they meet a vicious sociopath, who invites them into a involuntary cat and mouse game.

The Cabin takes you to the rural backwater of the Swedish summer, and on a ride you will never forget. 


Behind the scenes


Director statement

A Night in the Cabin, started in the Fall of 2015, when my old friend, Erik Kammerland (Writer & Actor), reached out to me and asked why we haven’t taken the next step in our career. The timing couldn’t have been better and with a lineup of short films that I’ve directed in the past, and having just worked as an AD on a Swedish crime-show, Artic Murders (2015), I was ready to take on my first feature film.

Having my first documentary, Charcoal: A History of a Factory (2015), premiere at Cannes, and being awarded two scholarships from the Swedish government, it ensured that our film would be produced with the ut-most production value and care to the film’s story. I had ample amount of funds to take on this endeavor and I knew exactly where to start this exciting journey.

What I had in mind for this production was an international collaboration among American and Swedish talent. With Erik working hard on the script, I got in touch with some filmmaking colleagues from my past when I use to live in Santa Barbara, CA. This includes, Alec Trachtenberg (Producer), and Charles Doan (Cinematographer). Alec was responsible for casting the lead actors, Caitlin Crommett and Christopher Lee Page and coordinating the business side of the film. Meanwhile, Charlie, who is a master at capturing light, worked hard at preparing for the shoot and making sure to get the best out of what the camera captures.

In August of 2017, Production took about a month long and in that time-span, I can’t even put into writing the feeling it was working with such a talented group of people. With the goal of representing the characters in the film and creating the overall thematic experience, directing Caitlin, Erik, and Chris was a match made in heaven. With Charlie and I were on the same page from beginning conversations, which paid dividends when it came down to the time of the actual production.

I believe our film is not your average “horror” genre. There is a layer of drama incorporated in the backstory of this movie, which I believe a collection of audiences can relate to. Everybody involved in this film has a true passion for the art of filmmaking. I hop you will enjoy The Cabin and that I can inspire others to take that next step in their filmmaking career, and make a international feature-film.

Johan Bodell Director 


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Director Johan Bodell on set of A Night in the Cabin

Photo: Katarina Hansson